Four way to help the anarchists in Belarus

This year was remarkable for the increase of anarchist activity and consequently for the growth of state repressions against the revolutionary youth in Belarus. Nowadays more and more people ask us “How can I help you?”, “How can I join you?”, “Where can I find you?” and so on.

Below you can find a short guide about how you can support the Belarusian anarchists and contribute to their efforts.

1. Share the publications from our web-site and social networks!

Russian\Belarusian version of our website is
English version of our website:
The list of our social media branches is available on a main page.

Who knows, probably it will be your repost that will wake up someone and inspire for action!

2. Help us financially! While we live in a capitalist society even the anarchist struggle costs money. Everything has its costs: leaflets, banners, flags, brochure publishing, Internet infrastructure maintenance and, of course, aid for political prisoners (parcels, fines, lawyers). Unfortunately the CIA, Soros and World Zionism are currently quite greedy, so the money for all the above-mentioned activities comes from our salaries and scholarships.

Requisites for donations

Bitcoin: 1GA6BbhWArCmJDkK7chD2yiD2TGeBREy7p

3. Share our educaitonal materials. You can download leaflets, brochures and stickers from our web-site (делай-сам/), print them and spread on the street, in your work collective, at school, university, family. Lots of people still know nothing about us (in spite of the governmental TV reports ;), that’s why education is our main goal. Tell your friends about anarchism!

4. Join us! The best way to help anarchists is joining them. Our activity is not only limited with demos and street agitation (it is more like the top of the iceberg). There is a number of active longterm initiatives to change the society where everyone can find something to do based on their personal character, aptitudes and preferences. Anarchist movement is diverse the same as our life is. That’s why we welcome all the fair people who would like to fight together with us. Contact us via e-mail

In solidarity

Anarchist collective “Pramen” (bel. “The Ray”)

3 thoughts on “Four way to help the anarchists in Belarus

  1. You say “Unfortunately the CIA, Soros and World Zionism are currently quite greedy, so the money for all the above-mentioned activities comes from our salaries and scholarships.”
    This, from a supposedly class war anarchist site, seems a little bizarre, and hints at anti-semitism amongst you. Capitalism is not run by World Zionism &/or Soros and &/or the CIA. For example, some of the biggest and greediest banks and state intelligence agencies are Chinese and Russian and the majority have no direct connection with Zionism – so why mention Soros and Zionism, when , in the most simplest terms, all forms of capitalism are “greedy”?

    1. This is irony. If you are an anarchist then you know that there is no World Zionism.

  2. Given the fact that many people often mention Soros and World Zionism without the slightest bit of irony, I suspect that most of the people reading this would take it at face value, as indicative of anti-semitism.

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