3 Ways to Support Nikolai Dedok during his Trial

The anarchist and blogger will have his trial continue on November 3. We decided to write formats of possible support of Mikola during this trial.

  1. Come to the trial. Obviously, the large number of people at the trial gives a huge amount of power to the prisoner. In addition to this, Mikola’s own speeches have political statements that may become interesting and important for participants in the protest movement. It is worth going to court even if you do not know Mikola personally. Here it is important to remember that your information before the court is likely to be recorded and put in the database, so if you are trying to live underground, you probably will not go to court.
  2. Hold an action of solidarity during the trial! It’s very simple, you make an action of solidarity in any format and send us the report. We will make sure Mikola knows about your solidarity action. Even a small action makes a difference!
  3. Write a letter of support to Mikola. You should do it via the online form of Anarchist Black Cross Belarus – https://abc-belarus.org/?page_id=579. Your message will be forwarded as soon as possible.

Your solidarity is important. It is what can break down the walls of the prison and keep the prisoners in touch with what is going on in freedom. Hold solidarity actions, support your comrades, and don’t give up!

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