Riots in Venezuela

For the anarchists no matter against whom millions of workers are going to protest. Right and left statists are the same enemies for them. Anarchists can use any social protest of millions for distribution of libertarian socialist ideas.

Of course, the leadership of the opposition – liberals, associated with the business. However, the reason for the protests in Venezuela – it is a monstrous economic crisis, food shortages, inflation of 700%. As far as I know, the protests involved millions of people, workers, students etc who are tired of the red scum in offices, inflation, and dictatorship. Anarchists can participate in protests against the state socialist bastards and to bring protesters millions with your ideas (self-control, Autonomous municipalities, workers ‘ councils ). Why not? This is huge social protest against economic crisis and red dictatorship. Millions of people took to the streets because they are tired of the crisis. So give them ideas of anarchists!



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