Police Brutality in Brest

7th of May 2017, two friends, Sergey and Alexandr, were sitting in the Skazka café (Fairytale Café) in Brest. At about 3 pm they called them a taxi cab. When it arrived, they were detained outside the café by the police that took them to the Moskovski district police station.

At the station they were severely beaten, without any apparent cause whatsoever. The video shows that their legs turned blue because of the beating. One of the guys can’t walk and is using a hospital wheelchair.

Immediately after the beating, Sergey and Alexandr were too afraid to turn for medical assistance, because the policemen threatened to kill them (!) in case they filed a complaint. A couple of days later, Sergey felt himself much worse, and he eventually did seek medical assistance.

The guys’ relatives try to find out, which officers of the repressive police forces in Brest were taking part in the beating. One of them might have been Roman Trofimuk, a neighbourhood police inspector in the Moskovski district.

Sergey’s and Alexandr’s parents look intimidated as well. “I fear that my life is in danger. I don’t want to go home, I live alone now. They can burn my house at night”, says Sergey’s mother.

Such statements are instructive: they bespeak the people’s true feelings about those who call themselves “law enforcers”. When policemen threaten to kill, people believe them. Sergey’s mother has no doubt that the police can set her house aflame because her son told the journalists what happened to him. In the eyes of the people, the Ministry of Interior has long become a gang-like bandit institution, employing sadists and thugs, who have no morals, no sense of responsibility, no honour, no conscience. This is why you can expect anything from them, including murder, the people think. The state propaganda tries hard to show policemen as “guys like us”, but these efforts are futile. It is very likely that, in Belarus, a mass political protest against the lawbreaking repressive forces is brewing up.

Source: http://belsat.eu/ru/in-focus/ego-udarili-v-glaz-zatem-rezali-nozhom-novye-beschinstva-militsii/

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