Anarchist posters in Minsk for the “elections”

Received by email:

«During the last week Minsk anarchists have put the posters., dedicated to a latest «elections» in a different parts of the city. The essence of the representative democracy and logic of a Belarusian dictator was expressed in a short phrases, which are easy to understand to an every passer-by.

Official voting turnout was declared as high as 77% – a number which makes even apolitical people to laugh. As usual, this elections were accompanied by a huge amount of falsifications, state frauds and forcing of those dependent from the state (students, workers of a taxpayer-funded sector) to vote.

We consider the delegative democracy, especially in its caricature Belarusian form an imitation of the power of the people. Our alternative is a direct democracy, which will let people to exercise their power on a basis of local gatherings, assembles ans councils, without delegating their powers to any representatives if it is not highly needed. Self-governance and class struggle with parasite officials – this is our response to an election farce!»

“We are going to solve any problem in a narrow circle of stupid people”



“What do you mean by “why do we need deputies?” I must invent taxes by my own?”


“Why did I give you delegates? For you not to think by your own!”








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