Minsk, Belarus: anarchists on protest against “law on social parasites”

At February, 17, anarchists of Minsk took part in mass protest against “law on social parasites”, issued by Belorussian state. This law is also known as “tax on unemployment” According to it if you do not work, or work unofficcaily (and hence do not pay taxes to budget) you should pay a tax around 150 USD in half a year. No, you are not misreading. if you do not have work you have to pay to the state. President Lukashenko motivates this law by saying that “every citizen should take part in public spendings, because everyone uses roads, enjoys free education and healthcare”.)

Belarusian people are terribly angry because of this law. Up to now more then 450 000 people got the letters from tax inspection, which demand to pay this tax. But only 10% of people obeyed and paid it. According to law, if you do not pay this tax on unemployment, you can be arrested on 15 days or sentenced to payment penalty.

At February, 17, around 2000 people gathered in unsanctioned meeting against “Law of social parasites” in center of the Minsk. Anarchist block, in number around 30 people, took part in the rally carrying banners and shouting slogans against state and its idiotic demands. Our slogans were: “State, get down from our neck!”, “Social paraites of the world, unite!”, “Gather your money in advance – you’ll have to pay the feodal tax” and so on. Drum samba band made a cheerfull rhytm, we spreaded our leaflers.

This time we were really surprised by incredible support of people – they were applausing us and our anarchist speeches through the loudspeaker. After the end of the rally anarchists moved to a bus stop to enter the bus and leave the rally in an organized way (police in Belarus uses to catch and detain anarchists after protests, so we were going from action alltogether). After we entered a bus, we were attacked by riot police in civil clothes – they tried to enter the bus as well and drive over with us. But they failed to do us not cause we blocked the doors. The short fight followed, and we saw common people on the bus stop who were grabbing cops by the coats, pulling them from us and shouting on them. Finally cops could grab two our guys but we and other protesters managed to take them back. In the end noone was detained – just few our activists were slightly beaten.

This actions and police attack drawed huge attention of media. Our resistance (though it was minor and not very violent) drawed sympaties of common people – liberal opposition in Belarus usually do not resist when attacked by cops, so we managed to form a positive example for people and protesters.

Here you can see videos and pictures from this action.

Pics: https://pramen.io/2017/02/anarhisty-na-marshe-rasserzhennyh-belarusov-foto/

Video: https://pramen.io/2017/02/anarhisty-na-marshe-rasserzhennyh-belarusov-video/

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