Interview with anarchist from Caucasus about the political situation in Caucasus region

-What exactly is it to be an Anarchist?
-Form me as a Militant Anarchist being anarchist means fighting against Fascism and Capitalism. Capitalism steals money and resources from people and fascism puts power over people. Anarchism is a people’s liberation movement, regardless – race, gender and sexual orientation. We are all equal and should live free.

-How you became an Anarchist?
-Well, It’s a long story. I’ll try to make it shorter. Since early childhood, I was against hierarchy and was searching for freedom. So I started reading a political literature. After reading anarchist writers (Pyotr Kropotkin and Errico Malatesta), I realized that most of my world views were really close to Anarchism. Than I started reading about рistory of Anarchism and realized that if we want to be free we should stand in solidarity with each other and fight against injustice. So I started searching connections with anarchist from all over the globe and start talking with them, but most important part of becoming anarchist is – education and being able to make analyses of political situations.

-What Anarchists are doing in Caucasus?
-Here we are small group of anarchists, who really trying to do things. Our main problem is lack of coordination and lack of self discipline. I can’t judge or talk about others, but I’ll say what I’m doing here… I’m trying to build platform for an anarchist movement by making connections with workers and other oppressed groups. Also, I’m trying to organize people around me, to make space for training and build some industry, which will give us some money to start new projects and buy land for agriculture and to form a radical movement.

-What kind of local activities are you involved?
-I participate in: Food Not Bombs, Book Not Bombs, Education against War, and also in some Eco activities, but most important activities that I’m doing is -Building a Network of Workers. Network of Workers will be something like a IWW but local one. Also I’m a member of IAGU – Agitation Network, which agitates ideas of militant Anarchism and uprising on the international platform.

-Why are Anarchists are feared in Caucasus?
-First of all, anarchists are feared, not only in Caucasus but in a whole world. Anarchists are feared by governments most of all, but by the people themselves as well, because government and media propaganda use people against them. In Caucasus when someone hears about Anarchism they think its a chaos and destruction. It’s because of Soviet Union, because during Soviet occupation, anarchist were in Gulag and Soviet Regime was demonising them and making propaganda that anarchists want to destroy everything and live in chaos.

-Why People in Caucasus are against Socialism?
-Hmmm, they are actually not against Socialism they doesn’t know what socialism is. Its happened because of Soviet Union which was not Socialist but Imperialist, Colonialist, Bolshevik and Totalitarian State.

-What are your views about Russian occupation?
-I’m totally against of Russian occupation. Not because I support idea of state. No, I’m against Russian Imperialism. Russia is nowadays fascists state. Russian Empire are doing same thing in Caucasus, like Erdogans Turkey are doing In Kurdistan, or America in Puerto Rico.

Tell us about diversity in Caucasus and political situation in Caucasus region.
-Caucasus is one of the richest Region about Ethnic diversity. 83 different local and not local Ethnic Groups are living here. There are lot of languages and dialects. 80% of Caucasus are under occupation. Mostly by Russian Empire but also partly by Turkey. Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan are not under fully occupation but state freedom is not a freedom of people. We doesn’t have direct democracy here. We are still under World Wide Capitalistic Occupation and Economical Occupation. Georgia Economically depends on Turkey and EU, Armenia On Russia and Azerbaijan is a State with a Fascist Dictator.

-Do you think it is possible to unite Caucasus?
-Yes, it is, but not now or in near future. People here are under Russian or under fascists propaganda. Russian Empire achieved their goals to brake unity inside Caucasus region. Russian Empire put people of Caucasus in the situation where they are forced to fight against each other. For example, Georgians and Osetian people were living in a peace during centuries. Clashes happened between them but not like today, when this two ethnic groups are so divided that they are ready to kill each other in the name of nationalism. And, there is same situation all around the Caucasus region, war and hate.

-What do you think about 2008 August Russian Georgian war ?
-Well, I’m against war. I support only Class War. But, this war was nothing but just act of divide and rule. It was act of Imperialism. None of EU states really cared about it. It was just a game of politicians where lot of people died. All dictator need war to stay in power. So, in 2008 Putin played well known game called – “won a war and stay popular” and about Georgian side people were victims but politicians were traitors. They also were playing with lives of people.

-It’s possible to build direct democracy in Caucasus?
-Yes, it is possible and here was lot of villages in Georgia, in 1917. Chechenya, Dagestan and other part of Caucasus, where people were living without state and ruler. We are trying to educate people about history of anarchism and Caucasus.

-Do you have connection with anarchist from different parts of Caucasus?
-Yes, I have connections with anarchist from Dagestan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and other places but it’s just connections. I’m trying to build united platform, but because of borders it’s really hard. And, everyone knows internet is not safe.

-Are you a part of any militant group?
-I’m militant Anarchist and I’m part of some militant groups but I’m not part of local militant group, because there is no Anarchist or leftist militant group. Just a people, who are militants but not a group. Some are trying to build Anti Imperialist Anarchist Militia, but we are facing lot of problems about it.

-What is CLF?
-CLF is Caucasian Liberation Front. It’s project on which me and my comrades from other part of Caucasus are working on. This is a project of decolonization of Caucasus, to make зlatform of people and defend Caucasus from Imperial powers.

-Did you ever been in сombat?
-Huh, it’s a question that I doesn’t want to answer. First of all, I doesn’t want to talk about such a thing openly, because it’s not safe for me and people around me.

-What About International Support ?
-Right now, there is no platform for direct international support but we will need economical support for our projects. On the other hand, I’m sure if something will happen or war will start, lot of people will come here to protect civilians from war.

-How do anarchist spread their Idea in Caucasus ?
-By agitation, by music, by art, by internet… There are endless ways to spread information and idea. You just need to know, how to find and use them. Also, I want to add that me and some my comrades are working on series ofвocumentaries called – Caucasus and Anarchism. In this documentary, we want to show the world, what kind of problems people of Caucasus face and what kind of problems anarchists face and how we are trying to solve them.


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  1. Hello!

    If one were to be moving to the Caucasus Region (so-called Tbilisi, Georgia) and wanted to get involved in organizing and meet other anarchists, are there any resources or contacts that can safely be passed on?

    Thank you!

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