“I can shoot you in a kneecap” – how Belarusian cops intimidate youth for alleged contacting with anarchists

We already wrote about a case of a “The network”, in which Russian secret service FSB is fabricating the case about “terrorist anarchists”, knocking out false evidence from the accused by beatings and tortures.

Apparently, the punishers in our country, having seen enough of the methods of work of their colleagues from Russia, decided that they can act in the same way: in Stolin, Brest region, the cops decided to become famous in the field of struggle against anarchists with the help of firearms. The ABC-Belarus received anonymous information about the intimidation of a young man from Stolin by Brest policemen. The man was threatened with a gun as the cops tried to force him to be a snitch for money. Here is his story.

“Today, on February 23, 2018, at 11-50 am a call came in, the Investigative Committee of the city of Brest introduced themselves and asked where I was? Also they said that they were coming.

I went to the car, my father came out from there, they had taken him from work. My father was told that he was free, and they asked me to sit in the car.

– Tell me
– Tell you what?
– You know everything, tell me!
– I do not understand what’s going on.
– Who are you in life?
– Human.
– In what subculture are you, man?
– Punk.
– Anarchist?
– No.
– Do you know any of the anarchists?
– No.

Then they took the mobile phone and began to flip through the photos, simultaneously asking who was on them. During the conversation they started asking about some leaflets.

I said that I did not know anything about them. To this the answer followed:

– Do not turn on the fool!
– I really do not know and I have nothing to do with this at all.

Further, a policeman named Alexander said that he could shoot me a knee, and he has this authority. I did not react to this in any way.

Then they started asking questions about other people I know. We did not have a dialogue, they demanded from me the names of anarchists, to which I replied that I do not know anyone.

One of them (Alexander Nikolaevich) ordered: “We’re going to the forest.”

They told me to fasten my belt and put my hands on the glove box. In the wood he told me to get out of the car and keep my hands in sight, later he gave me a cigarette and said to walk slowly forward, I listened to his orders.

Soon he stopped and said: “Your last words?” I said nothing. There was a click (it seemed to me that he removed the gun from the fuse), I felt that a muzzle was leaning against my back.
– Any questions?
– No.

For some time we stood in this pose and he tried to find out something I vaguely remember what it was. Then we got into the car and drove 100-200 meters away. We stopped and they began to threaten me with my relatives’ dismissal from work and apply other psychological pressure. Alexander Nikolayevich took me out of the car and said he wanted to talk to me “honestly.” He said that I’m a normal guy, and he does not want to make normal people suffer because of the Anarchists. Then they asked me to leak information to them, to which I replied that I was not going to leak.

-How much time do you need to find anarchists in your town?

They said that they would contact me later and, while foisting me off 10 rubles so that I would remain silent about everything that was happening between us.

I did not answer.

If you happen to have such stories, you are summoned to talk to the authorities, offered cooperation or if they try to put pressure, be sure to write to us at belarus_abc@riseup.net »

Source: www.abc-belarus.org


Using such an “excellent” reason, you can contact the Investigation Committee on Brest and ask them questions about the incident, as well as express their opinion on the police system as a whole.

br@sk.gov.by – e-mail

(80162) 27-37-00 – telephone of the duty station
(80162) 27-37-24 – group on work with citizens’ appeals in the Brest region
(80162) 27-37-15 – Chief Inspector for Information and Public Relations (e-mail m.drankova@sledcom.by)

224016, city of Brest, ul. Pushkinskaya, 63 – address

(801655) 6-04-69, 6-16-71 – Stolin District Department of the Investigation Committee

225510, Stolin, ul. Tereshkova, 47 – the address

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