15 March — International Day Against Police Brutality

Since 1997, every year on March 15 activists from various parts of the world are calling for protests and direct actions against police brutality, which Belarusians know firsthand. Anarchists called for actions in Belarus on this day for years, however, in the past five years the date did not attract much attention. We would like to bring this day back to the calendar of Belarusian activists and to draw attention to the problem, which is one of the most destructive factors for the Belarusian society. In addition, on March 15 this year – the anniversary of the harsh detention of anarchists in Minsk trolleybus No. 37, which once again emphasizes the relevance of this day.

Violence of authorities destroys local communities and creates a situation, when the initiative is punishable not only by fines and days of imprisonment, but also by beatings and torture! Today, many of those who live in Belarus, are afraid when see a policeman: wrong look at the keeper of the baton and you could get into the pose of a swallow* in a police station. And while violence against political activists has to some extent fallen compared to the 20th century, today, violence against ordinary people is only increasing, due to indifference and lack of solidarity.

In addition, we can not fail to note the torture and kidnapping in Russia, which are quite possible for the Belarusian realities (which was once again proved by the recent case in Stolin. This should not be allowed! Only by joint actions can we show that we care about violence by authorities. We will not tolerate the humiliation not only of political activists, but of all those who are under the pressure of “justice”.

Against the cops brutality!
Against the state in any form!

Source: https://abc-belarus.org/?p=11452

What is our tools of combating police brutality? In addition to active self-defense against pigs it is, of course, the attraction of people’s attention to the problem, the formation of disgust and contempt for punishers in society. For this purpose, tools such as graffiti, leaflets, stickers and any other visual agitation are suitable. And also, of course, the dissemination of information about brutality (and the fight against it) on the Internet.

Agitation materials for independent action you can find and download here. (Belarusian and Russian languages)

Please send your actions reports to pramen@riseup.net

*”Swallow” – a method of torture, when person is tied or handcuffed by hands and feet behind his back, at the same time his\her hands and feet also enchained. Person can be hanged in this state, he|she can be beaten or simply kept in this position until he\she make a confession.

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