How did the Russian neo-Nazi from Belarus and friend of the Chekists “Malyuta” turn out to be close to the Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs Avakov?

Now there are many scandals surrounding Ukrainian Interior Minister Avakov. Ties with the ultra-right and Nazis, corruption, attempts to return to authoritarianism and so on. In his video, Ukrainian blogger Valery Markus accuses Avakov of usurpation of power ( But he also notes that the minister is now seeking chaos, in which he can increase his influence. This is how Markus explains Avakov’s work with the Russian neo-Nazi Korotkikh known as Malyuta/Botsman, a former friend of the famous Russian neo-Nazi Tesak.

Malyuta studied at the KGB school from ’94 to ’96, from which he was kicked out, according to his own words. Since then he has been active in pro-Russian neo-Nazi groups. Until 2001 he was a member of scumbags from Belarusian RNE (Russian People’s Unity). He attacks Belarusian liberals and anti-fascists. Surprisingly, for all his achievements, the Belarussian punitive authorities let Malyuta go relatively quickly. In Russia, many independent researchers accuse him of several murders and working for the FSB. Given Russian neo-Nazis’ numerous ties to Putin’s regime, such claims fit logically into the history of neo-Nazis in Putin’s Russia.

For a while, Botzman was fighting in Azov against Russia, but as early as 2015, he began to actively master the verticals of Ukrainian power. In 2015, he was appointed head of the Department of Protection of Objects of Strategic Importance at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Malyuta’s adventures in post-Maidan Ukraine are not of further interest for us – it’s more about corruption and the strengthening of the far-right in the neighboring country.

For the Belarusians, Malyuta pops up in the context of the Belarusian house in Ukraine (, through which he launders some of his money, and on the other hand normally gets money from grants. Through the same organization Malyuta is actively recruiting refugees for his shady dealings, including those of a far-right nature. Refusal to work for a Russian neo-Nazi FSB agent means for the Belarusians refusal of support from the local diaspora, which Malyuta is trying to control, sometimes by intrigue, and sometimes by force.

Botsman’s leadership of the Belarusan house has led to the degradation of the project. Many Belarusians are now afraid to turn to this organization, and critics fear for their own lives – Avakov’s support guarantees high impunity for the neo-Nazi and his friends.

But the story did not end at the Belarussian house. After several rifts in the liberal opposition and talk of an uprising by a number of marginal groups, Botsman begins to recruit Belarusian “radicals” for the revolution and invites them to train in Ukraine. The neo-Nazi attracts first of all those who do not know much about politics or outright neo-Nazis, who are ready to follow the ultra-right runes without unnecessary questions. In addition, the far-right Belarusian cops, dissatisfied with Lukashenko’s current policies, are flocking to him. For such radicals, Malyuta’s participation in combat operations in the Donbass in 2014-2015 makes him a hero who can even boast of real experience.

Of course, talk of a right-wing revolution organized by a KGB worker can only make liberals and anarchists smile. However, the informational support of Botsman and Co. in the social networks can convince some Belarusians, who tomorrow will fly to Kiev to give their lives, and more importantly their money, to the revolution of the neo-Nazis.

We recommend all Belarusians in emigration to stay away from Botsman and the Belarusian house in Ukraine, under any circumstances. Corrupt organizations with ties to the Russian and Belarusian special services can only create more problems for you and your surroundings. In the case of migration, it is better to turn to Ukrainian non-governmental organizations dealing with refugees. And if you are a revolutionary who wants to overthrow Lukashenko’s regime, unite at least with those who have not stained their honor by cooperation with cops and Chekists of various authoritarian regimes.

Good luck on the streets!
Anarchists from the collective “Pramen”

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