Today in Minsk the KGB dogs received a proportional response during another raid.

An employee of EPAM, Andrei Zeltser, defending himself and his family from the encroachments of the cops, gave an armed response to the attackers. In the exchange of fire, Andrei was killed, but managed to take one of the Chekist attackers with him. We do not know what views Andrew had, but we consider his action to be heroic.

This is the first time in 13 months of confrontation when the regime forces received armed resistance, which surprised the “masters” of the people from the KGB very much. After all, cops are not used to encounter free people firmly holding weapons, but unarmed citizens who can be broken by threats and violence.

We did not know Andrei, but we believe that such an act deserves respect. Only resistance to the terror of the Chekists, which has been going on not since 2020, but for over 100 years, can make us free!

For a world without Chekists, cops and dictatorship!

His name was Andrei Seltzer. We will not forget. We will not forgive.

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