A policeman was shoot dead in Ivacevichi region, Belarus

In the village Bobrovici of Ivacevichi region local policemen came to visit 57 year old man named Sergey – they reportedly intended to confiscate a weapon. When they entered his property he opened fire at them from a hunting rifle. First shot in the head killed a police officer (who was born in 1976) at the scene. Second shot wounded another officer in the stomach(who was later taken to the resuscitation department).

After that Sergey stood on the front stoop for sometime and when police backup arrived from Pinsk and Ivacevichi (it was reported that around ten police cars were involved in the manhunt) he hid in the house. Six more shots were fired after that and as reported the man was later disarmed by special forces brigade “Almaz”.

According to fellow villagers Sergey lived by himself and unsociably. He was always dressed neatly. He didn’t drink or smoke and he got a university degree.

The authorities have initiated criminal proceedings under article 139 of The Criminal Code of Republic Of Belarus (Killing of a person in connection with the performance of the person’s official duties).

The courage and the commitment of this man command respect regardless of the motives. It’s still unknown what prompted him to take such a step but media news have reported that the detainee had a conflict with the police. We can assume knowing our punitive system that the villager was under systematic pressure or targeted by sanctions from the local law enforcement. Asymmetric answer from this man is a bold challenge to the System and its stooges.

We’ll continue to follow the story.

Sources: https://naviny.by/new/20180817/1534509121-v-ivacevichskom-rayone-selchanin-otkryl-strelbu-po-milicioneram-odin-ubit

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