Philippino anarchists in solidarity with political prisoners

The capitalist-imperialist state has to constantly repress people in order to exist. People, mostly wage workers, are “terrorized into being consumers”(1) . Success is now measured according to how much we spend and what we can buy. Those who are defiant to this “order-of-things” are dealt with violence and deprivation of freedom, in form of prisons and death sentences.

A month ago, a comrade who volunteers for the Food Not Bombs movement in Bulacan, Philippines was shot to death for allegedly possessing drugs and resisting arrest. The perpetrators were not condemned and are probably still wearing their uniforms of power. The case is now one with the tens of thousands of judicial and extra-judicial killings executed by the messianic administration starting in 2016.

In Indonesia, earlier last month, seven demonstrators against a cotton factory in Sukoharjo, Central Java that expels toxic wastes were sentenced to two to three years of imprisonment (2) . This was after two months in jail without clear charges. In another case, random arrests were conducted after protesters during the Labor Day Parade in Jogjakarta, set fire on a police outpost (3). Comrades who face other struggles such as the gender struggle and the resistance against the displacement of Kulon Progo farmers for the building of an airport, were accused of being linked with the said action. They are still to face trial as of today . An earlier case happened in 2012, condemning Anarchists who sabotaged a mining company in solidarity for Lucio Tortuga of Cuba and the mine-workers in the site. These said arrests of Anarchists Eat and Billy started a huge campaign and gathered global mileage and support. (4)

On the other side of the globe, Anarchist Informal volunteers were arrested during a picnic-meeting in a forest park. There were no clear charges given as the men and women were tied to the ground for hours. They were later charged with various petty charges and were fined sinificantly. (5) Accusations of illegal arrest were denied by the police claiming that “everything was done according to law.”

We are in solidarity with those comrades who acts against the system and now faces such threats. We extend this solidarity to the families and friends of those critical thinkers who sought for significant systemic change. We recognise the diversity of tactics of the various groups and individual, to achieve freedom in societal and individual level, towards social consciousness and self actualization, against the domination of man over other beings.

August 23, 2018 marks the Global Solidarity Week for Prisoners. Let us make them feel that they are not alone in this struggle freedom and equality.

“Everything will fall when the free man is born.” –Renzo Novatore

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