Extremism non-stop!

At October, 20th, we have found out that the page of our anarchist group in Vkontakte social media was blocked on a Belarusian territory.

This step of state authorities came as no surprise to us. This is the third (!) blocking of our group in Vkontakte (the biggest social media service in post-USSR countries) since December 2015, when our media team was created.
For 6 months 24 days since the last banning our group has attracted more than 2000 subscribers. This means that our ideas are relevant, important, and most significantly – dangerous for frightened cops, bureaucrats, censors and security officers. We have been and remain a thorn in the eye of the nonentities, who fear the truth like fire, who fear our radical criticism and our uncontrollable actions.

A whole pack of guards and chiefs of all stripes strained their last convolutions in order to prevent the spread of our ideas, to block the path of our word to the masses. The GUBOPiK (The Directorate for Combating Organized Crime and Corruption – a de-facto political police) again sent a petition to the court, which through its “expert committees” of pop-eyed old farts once again recognized material posted on our website as extremism and sent them to the Ministry of Information, that in turn demanded from the social network Vkontakte (owned by the pro-Putin oligarch Usmanov) to block our page on the territory of Belarus. And if they are so afraid of us – then we do everything right!

Here we also need to mention that our website was blocked even earlier: at October, 2016, just 10 month of creation. The procedure is the same: the materials posted there, were acknowledged as «extremist» and therefore not allowed for Belarusians to read 🙂

There also were a case when our comrade was arrested and fined for distributing the brochures with our website name on cover. The court labeled brochures as «extremist» just having for «pramen.io» on them.
The censorship and repression are getting harder every day, the whole fucking state apparatus: GUBOPiK, KGB, courts, Ministry of information, are against us, but nevertheless we will never give up the struggle!
The new page of Pramen Vkontakte (vk.co/pramen_2) have raised up within few hours after blocking. It now has more than 100 followers. This means that political radicalism, disrespect for the authorities, hatred for civil servants, the idea of class war, calls for revolution and anti-state activities, extremism – all this with even more momentum will be kindled on our pages.

As you know, Vkontakte is not the most friendly place for anarchists so we have spread our presence to the other platforms: Diaspora, Telegram, Facebook, Livejournal. Also we have a mailing list.

If you would like to help us in our struggle you can do it with reposting our news (pramen.io/en – for English-speakers, or check our Reddit) of for donating us, which will help us to improve our infrastructure and resist the pressure of authoritarian system.

Bitcoin: 1GA6BbhWArCmJDkK7chD2yiD2TGeBREy7p
Paypal: pramen@riseup.net


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