Dmitry Polienko has been set free!

The prison administration has set him free from the penal colony at 7 o’clock and brought on a train station in ambulance car (!) to avoid public meeting near the entrance of a colony.

While serving his term Polienko was put to SHIZO (de-seg) multiple times. His letters were confiscated.

Dmitry Polienko has been detained in Minsk at 29th of April 2016 on “Critical mass” action and accused in tearing the cop’s jacket. Later on he was accused in “Producing and distributed pornographic materials” (quite a frequent accusation for political activists, who are not careful sharing fun content in social media).

At April, 12th, 2016 after staying in detention facility for half a year, he was sentenced to 2 years of imprisonment with a delay.

At April, 7th 2017th, he was sent to a penal colony for violating the terms of his delay (participation in protest actions of spring-2017 in Minsk).

In total he served more than 2 years in prison.

According to news reports.

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