Anarchist Nikita Emelianov court trial is scheduled on 6th of February

Received via email:

At February, 6th, the court trial on Nikita Emelianov case will begin. He is charged in an arson attack on jail on Volodarskogo street and in throwing paint bombs in a building of the court.

The other codfendant in this case is Ivan Komar. But as far as we know, he is collaborating with cops, sharing info with them and pre-conditioning him in order to defend himself. That is why we are not supporting Nikita.

Nikita is charged in three articles of the criminal code: Contamination of buildings and breaking up the property, Illegal carrying of inflammables and Vandalism.

The highest punishment possible is 12 years of penal colony.

We are calling everyone to make actions of solidarity with Nikita or support him via ABC-Belarus:

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