Belarus: 18yo adherent of “meritocracy and transhumanism” attacked police station with a Molotov and stabbed two officers

Early in the morning at January, 1st, 2020 Gleb Tikhnochuk throwed the Molotov cocktails into the Police department of town of Verkhnedivnsk, Vitebsk region. After that he called the police and urged them to arrest him. When officers arrived, he attacked them with a knife, injuring two. Then, he was arrested. Officers got minor injuries and after firest medical care, were discharged from hospital.

Before the attack, the young men left a message in Youtube and manifesto in Telegram. where he describes his political views as a mix of “meritocracy, noocracy, transhumanism, social-darvinism, secularism and, in a lesser degree, nietzscheism, liberalism and libertarianism in my own eclectic interpretation.” In his manifesto he advocates the rule by the privileged minority of intellectuals, who will be chosen by the encephalic sorting and IQ tests. A big part of a manifesto is dedicated to a practice of revolution, which means to establish the abovementioned political regime not only in Belarus but in a whole Europe.

A number of Belarusian independent media have interviewed teachers and friends of Gleb Tikhoncuk. they describe him as a highly intellectual but avoidant and unsocial person who was great in studying history and philosophy. Father of Gleb owns number of shops in Smorgon. His mom and dad have divorced when Gleb was 12.

The authorities were keeping almost total silence regarding this incident until January, 4th. Then, the Investigative Committee released a statement that the criminal case against Gleb Tikhonchuk was brought by an article 362 and article 14 of a Criminal code of Belarus: a murder of a police officer (as an attempt). Gleb Tikhonchuk faces up to 25 years in prison, or life sentence, or capital punishment.


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