Anarchist Dmitry Palienko detained in Minsk

Former political prisoner and anarchist Dmitry Palienko was detained at March, 20th around 10 AM at his apartments in Minsk. He is accused in committing crime at article 339 p. of the criminal code (“Exclusively malicious hooliganism”). The sanction of the article – from 3 to 10 years of prison.

As his friend Nastya Gusieva tells:

“People with machine guns, dressed in body armor, raided our flat around 10 PM. They put Dmitry on a floor and handcuffed him. Then they kicked out the door in a room and started the search”.

It is known that, allegedly, around a week ago Dmitry pepper-sprayed his drunk and aggressive neighbor, who punched him in a face.

The search took around an hour. Cops confiscated all electronic devices, leaflets, stickers, literature and mobile phone of Nastya Husieva. Actually, she noticed that the printed materials Dmitry had, interested cops much more then the case of alleged fight.

By the way, Palienko already has another criminal case on him – for painting a graffiti “Cops kill people”.

Generally, the comrades of Dmitry afraid that cops, who are really looking for the matter to isolate and punish Palienko for his anarchist activity, may use this common household episode and put him in prison for many years.

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