Anarchist activity in Belarus: recent news

As anarchist Dmitry Polienko was prepared for court trial, Minsk anarchists conducted an action in his support, dropping a banner over a bridge in the end of Augist.

So-call parliamentary “elections” are coming up in Belarus. With no fair counting of votes, they are going to be another spectacle of a dictator, which aims to legitimize his rule. The Pramen group issued a leaflet, calling all the citizens to boycott this slapstick.

Cop brutality continues to threaten each of us. Every week independent media tell about someone beaten, tortured or “accidently” killed by the “militia”. At September Minsk anarchists dropped a banner saying “Cops are murders, wearing shoulder board. 1937-2019”, conducting analogue with times of Stalin terror.

The court trial against anarchist Dzmitry Palienka was suddenly postponed. The official reason is “judge who got ill”. But no one believes in that. Comrades of Dmitry day that the government, seeing the high level of support for Dmitry (around 40 people gathered near the court to support him), just took a break to decide how to deal with a headline political case

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