Anarchist group from Belarus joined the #TetrisChallenge

Received by an e-mail:

“The essence of a flashmob is to expose the inventory, somehow connected to the participants, according to knolling principle. It is a method of ordering the space through organizing different stuff in quadrature. #TetrisChallenge by now is one of the most popular hashtags in a social media.

We tried to reflect the generalized character of the anarchist: from the Molotov cocktails to a radical literature, and also expressed our solidarity with Belarusian political prisoner Dmitry Polienko. Dmitry is now imprisoned, waiting for court trial for around 7 month, the dictatorship prosecutes him, using 5 (!) articles of a criminal codes. The authorities decided to judge him into a closed court hearing. The hearing will take place at October, 17th.”

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