“Death to Turkish empire!” – Anarchist action in the center of the Minsk

Today, October, 15th, four anarchist comrades from Minsk started an illegal picket near the Turkish embassy in center of the Minsk. Anarchists with their faces masked were holding the placards, saying “Erdogan fuck off”, “Kurdish revolution will win!” and others. Leaflets were spread among the people who passed by.

Comrades have chanted: “Free Rojava, Death to Turkish empire!”, “Death to Turkish fascism!”.

We are here to express our solidarity with the people of Kurdistan, which was fighting against ISIS and imperialism, and for their freedom” – said one of the comrades in a loudspeaker.

A cop who was guarding the embassy, started pulling out the posters out or the comrades’ hands and tried to detain one of the comrades. Others did not let him do that and literally pulled out the comrade from the cop’s hands. After that all the comrades run away.

Reminder: illegal picketing in Belarus is punished by up to 15 days of arrest and this punishment is widely used.

Belarusian anarchists express full solidarity to a people of Rojava and the comrades fighting there: RUIS, IRPGF and Tekoşîna Anarşîst.

Photos and info by www.svaboda.org

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