Prison term for the anarchist comrade reduced drastically!

Today the Minsk City court have heard an appeal on a case of Mikita Emelianov and Ivan Komar, who were earlier convicted in a number of direct actions and sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment both.

According to an appeal review, therms were re-examined and Mikita Emelianov got 4 years instead of 7. Ivan Komar got 3 years and 6 month of penal colony with a reinforced regime.

We see these positive changes as a result of a wide civil campaign of support. Belarusian human right defenders declared Emalianov and Komar political prisoners. Media have covered this case very widely. Anarchists performed a number of protest actions.

Still, we see these sentences as political persecution and demand the relief of Mikita Emalianov.

It is important to mention that Pramen and Anarchist Black Cross – Belarus do not support Ivan Komar because of his active and prolonged collaboration with cops during the investigations – the fact that made the mere case and sentences possible.

You can support Mikita Emelianov via ABC-Belarus.

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