Picture of the protesters are beautiful but people have to push harder …

The last three days strikes and protests continued even so not as strong as before. People demand the release of the prisoner, doing solidarity chains against violence and support strikers. But also repression continues. 

Some strikers were fired from their jobs to show an example, members of strike committees were detained. Cops on the streets try to disperse solidarity actions. Certain people are specifically targeted because they gave interviews to the media, calling for protest or were joining the strike.

In Gomel for example, a secondary school teacher Inna Borisenko was detained. The woman actively participated in protests and gave interviews to independent media.
Dismissed workers spoke out publicly to motivate people to not give up and continue the strike. There are several funds to support striking and fired workers, so people are not alone if they get fired.

Dmitri Kudelevich, one of the leaders of the Belaruskali strike committee the miners, was detained by the KGB yesterday. But he managed to escape through the window of the restroom.

The so called Coordinating Council, initiated by Tichanovskaja is charged with overthrowing  the government. The cops started the criminal case and all members are summoned to the investigation committee.

And pro-government  actions are taking place in different forms. People are not voluntarily joining, they are afraid of consequences, like loosing their job. In Zhlobin, they even started a provocation during a rally in support of the strikers! 

counter – counter – counter protest

Attention Video include police violence!
Also more videos of police violence appear in social media.  One example of law enforcement brutality, which occurred at night from August 9 to 10 in the area of Komarovski market (Neighbourhood Shop). 

MEDIA blocked inside the country

While the dismissed workers of belarussian state TV BT decided to create a new channel, 70 independent Media and NGO websites are blocked since friday night inside the country to prevent people from getting reasonable information about what is going on.


Lukashenko is not really transparent with his politics but of course he is plotting something…
His political view changed in terms of who is responsible for the protest. So  the situation is back to “normality” –  finally Lukashenko blames US for riots after elections. And Russia is again the great savior of belarusian dictatorship. Just a week ago it was Russia who was organizing the uprising in Belarus. Anyway while the people are protesting on daily basis Lukashenko is mobilizing the army and preparing for NATO “invasion”…

But he is also organizing in local politics. Today at a meeting in Grodno Lukashenko announced a new Governor of the region and said that  the KGB have to take care of all the protests by Monday. Grodno as a lot of other regional cities has big protests going on last week.

And the belarusian economy is slowly going worse. There were reports that banks stopped selling foreign currency all around the country. The economical collapse was already one of the reason why the belarusian government was rushing the elections in the country. 

Protest continues …

People are preparing for another big demonstration in Minsk on Sunday. This time people from the regions are called to move to Minsk.

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