Wednesday – Strike continues, with repression and pressure on workers

Foto: We don´t forget, we don´t forgive.

People were calling to support the strikers through out the day through out the country also on Wednesday. But not only the supporters in front of the factories are being pushed away by OMON, also the strikers themselves are under pressure from management and security forces inside the factories. 

The people from MAZ factory came out today and said, that they are not allowed to go, their passes are taken away, one striker was hit by someone from the leadership! The guys complain that they are being pressured and intimidated, the processes are going slowly, only today signatures are being collected for the formation of a strike committee. The general director fired two members of the commission (MAZ employees), who refused to sign the protocol. The workers ask for support, they are kept inside and are not allowed to go to the entrance.

Also in front of the MTZ factory riot police dispersed the crowed of supporters. People went to hide in the park, but riot police followed them and two people were arrested.The OMON has lined up in a chain and is not letting the support group to the plant. But people chanted “Well done” to the workers leaving the building.

MTZ – our superheroes.

Radio Stalitsa staff resigns in protest. “Not a single entertainment program has been aired since the morning. Only sports news and weather forecast came out during the day”, – says Kondratiev. On the evening of Tuesday, August 18, the management offered to continue work, but not to report news about the policy. After that, most of the team wrote a resignation letter.

The Philharmonic employees just tried to hold a “mourning march” in Minsk. The Philharmonic gathered about 150 people. However, riot police arrived and dispersed the people. After the dispersal, the participants of the march began to move along Independence towards the Academy of Sciences, but riot police officers continued to monitor this. Many cops with cameras took pictures of the people. As a result, the people dispersed. 

Situation in Kupalovsky: According to the actors, people in special suits for sanitation appeared in the theater. They opened all the offices and dressing rooms. When trying to get to work, the theater employees are denied explanations and pushed out the door.

The director of the Belteleradiocompany Alena Martinovskaya said that today she was not allowed to work. Probably due to the collective appeal to the leadership that she signed. The women also spoke about Russian specialists who are now working at BT.

Another dead person

Today the 43-year-old Gennady Shutov died from a gunshot wound to the head in the hospital. The Brest resident was shot at by security forces during the protests. The IC admitted that live ammunition had been used against the protester.

Another video appeared showing violence in the police station in Molodechno District at the 10 August. Several officer beating the detainees.

A commemoration event for the dead and wounded took place in Molodechno.

Protest continued all over the country
While people continue to protest against the regime, more and more pro-lukashenko rallies and small actions appeared in different places. People asked at the rallies repeat that they are pushed to do this. 
In Minsk people met at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and went to the Independence Square. Also people were protesting in front of the KGB building.

Tichanovskaja  brought the idea of an Coordinating Council, today they elected a Presidium. It included: Svetlana Aleksievich; Lilia Vlasova; Sergey Dylevsky; Maxim Sign;Olga Kovalkova; Maria Kolesnikova and Pavel Latushko.
And the EU eventually considers that the past presidential elections in Belarus were dishonest and does not recognize their result, they wanna introduce sanctions against those responsible for the violence and fraud and may include Lukashenko himself in the sanctions list. So their won´t be any serious economical sanctions against the regime!

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