Osman Evcan is on hunger strike again

After getting food poisoning in October 2017, Evcan stopped to eat prison food and started to eat the meals that he could cook with the tea-urn in his solitary prison cell. Having started to eat the prison food again in late February 2018, Evcan had severe stomach aches.

Osman Evcan has stated that the primary request of him, who got poisoned by the vegan food brought to him in October 2017 and in February 2018 is that an investigation be launched into this poisoning incident.

Despite the oppressions like exile, naked body search, cameras in cells, banning of letters and visitors, POİSONİNG, Osman Evcan didn’t took a step back and he has started his indefinite hunger strike starting from the 26 March, 2018

Because fear, submission and consenting, crushes the bodies under the heaviness of power of the state. State’s efforts to depersonalize political individuals with systematic pressures, should be smashed under Osman’s resistance. There is no middle way with the state who is establishing the policy of eliminating the prisoners on price-punishment order. Osman Evcan’s struggle is towards the authority. Only way to prove that he does not obey the authority, he does not accept the authority, is to setting forth his body. They can only destroy and divide political identities with murder, not with prison practices.

We summon everyone to share Osman Evcan’s struggle, who is fighting against state, surveillance and control, whether outside or inside.

Source: https://abcistanbul.org/2018/04/06/osman-evcan-is-on-hunger-strike/

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