Kyiv: The training center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was set on fire by anarchists

Received by email:

“We, anarchist cell in honor of Ilya Romanov / FAI-IRF, take responsibility for the recent attack in Kiev.

Repressions and prisons have become part of our lives and also all those rebellious comrades who preferred to conduct an offensive struggle against the state and capital, attacking all manifestations of power, destroying the oppressive order. Increasingly, in the course of this struggle, we see and hear calls from all corners of the world for solidarity with repressed and imprisoned comrades, more and more often we hear stories about how another one of us was put behind bars, beaten, tortured or even killed, and we hear how one or another infrastructure of anarchists was destroyed, plundered, how this or that initiative suffered from raids by punitive groups of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA).

Those in power obstruct us the same as it was hundred years ago. Today, as yesterday, we are confronted by trained and empowered guardians of the state’s foundations, or simply state henchmen, who are loyal to their masters and interested in preserving the status quo, repressing anarchists and other disobedient people.

All these unpleasant moments will happen and accompany us all the way to our liberation. All of this in principle is expected and not surprising. The challenge from the enemy was accepted long ago, as soon as we became anarchists, and the calls from our comrades became very clear.
According to this, it became clear to us that any struggle with manifestations of power can only be perpetual! Therefore, only the perpetual solidarity, the struggle to the total victory and gratification of all our rebel desires! No negotiations with statesmen: constant conflict with the authorities!

Before you tell our brothers and sisters about your next act it is necessary to talk about and discuss the chosen goal and the method to which we have resorted.

The method that our rebellious hearts had chosen to adopt was coordinated with convictions and thoughts of other rebel anarchists that attacks, arson, explosions and armed actions against our enemies should be an integral part of the war against them.
Now about the choice of target. As a target for retaliatory attacks we consider enemy structures, groups and individuals, as well as any infrastructure associated and serving to commit state terror against anarchists and thinking people. The government continues to torture, to break, to destroy, to hold trials, to throw in jail the freedom fighters. So we attack those who control, arrest, kill us day after day.
Our enemy: ranging from police, judges, prosecutors to conscious citizens who form and support this rotten society. In short, every key figure in the system, every servant of it is a target for us, anarchists-partisans.
Unlike them, we are anarchists, and therefore do not want to belong to any state and follow their laws. We are not obliged and do not want to obey the laws, because any law is supported by the inevitability of punishment for its violation on the right of revenge apporiated by the state. Laws written by officials can not be measures and guidelines for us in relationships with other people. Our law is our ethics!
Each objective segment requires separate consideration and clarification for their misconduct. Given that at night the fire was initiated in the training center of MIA, we should pay attention to this organized gang.
In Ukraine after the Maidan 2014 the new government began so-called reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The main task of which, in short, was to transform the police into a “national police”, to rehabilitate the image of law enforcement agencies and to restore the people’s trust in them. They try to convince people that the new police is not that despised one of the Soviet era. This trick is as old as the world. As they were scum and so they will be! More than a hundred years ago, the territory of modern Ukraine belonged to the Russian Empire, even then there was the police. Exactly the same police guarded the statesmen and the rich as they do today. All revolutionaries waged the war against them until the February revolution of 1917, after which the police department was abolished.

Respectively created by the authorities and accountable to them such a brainchild as MIA is fully structured and aimed at performing repressive and punitive functions, protecting powerful and wealthy citizens from our presence in the streets. Therefore any old or new government and any state: Ukrainian, Russian, Belarusian, Greek and etc., with their police and ministries will never be able to rehabilitate themselves in our eyes. We are fully aware of all their intentions and as long as the repressive apparatus is maintained we will continue our struggle!

Regular police patrol, investigators or group of special purpose are in a state of readiness and if the go-ahead is given from higher authorities they will detain anyone and then will apply measures of restraint and punishment. All according to the instructions and laws that protect the power and capital. Before going to jail and to be transferred into the hands of the guard and the judiciary, our brother and sister will have to deal precisely with the representatives of MIA. It’s better to say that MIA and everything connected with it are considered by us as a tool against spirit and will of a vigorously moving forward insurgent and anarchist.

From a revolutionary perspective, we can also safely say that the presence of such a professional institution as the Ministry of Internal Affairs harms not only us anarchists, but also the rest of society, destabilizing and weakening its capacity for self-defense – thereby leaving people without the right to self-defense and punishment, making them feel helpless. Being unable to solve problems independently the population hands over responsibility to the system and MIA in its turn, like any other state institution, relies and thrives on fear and inability of people to realize their internal potential, which is inherent in them without external restrictions.

So in the night of September 19, 2018 the center for the education and training of employees of MIA became the object of our attack. It is here, in the training center, they are taught and trained in order to cohesively implement the detention of one of us, shoot at us, work out seizures and assaults of our apartments fully armed while ordinary people are strictly prohibited to have any weapons for self-defense.

The training center is located 500 meters from Boryspil street, in the forest, in the Darnitsky district of Kiev.

The center has a pistol and machine-gun shooting range, obstacle course, tennis court, volleyball court, mini-football field, training facilities, as well as a structure where capture groups are trained. We particularly launched the red rooster into such building! We had been monitoring this object for more than four months. Exactly at that time expensive repairs and installation of electrical equipment were carried out in the above mentioned center. To set it on fire we needed 17 liters of incendiary mix, 10 car tires and old things that we found in the street. We created 2 centers of fire in different places. Also the message was left on the wall: destroy the MIA. The guard and two dogs were unaware of anything…

Although our attack is symbolic but it still points to the enemy and the direction in which the resistance should decisively develop.
Our warm greetings and solidarity to the anarchists in russian, belarusian prisons: Ilya Romanov, Olexandr Kolchenko, Sergey Romanov, Evgeny Karakashev, Ilya Shakurskiy, Vasil Kuksov, Dmitry Pchelintsev, Victor Filinkov, Andrey Chernov, Arman Sagynbaev, Mikhail Kulkov, Maxim Ivankin, Juliy Bojarshin and others.

This fire is for all of you. It does not matter to us if you are guilty or not, involved or not to what you are accused of. The fact is that we are all guilty of fighting against the state. So you should know that: if the “innocent” once earned our solidarity, the “guilty” will deserve it a thousand times…

We also want to express a few words of solidarity to the anarchists who operate in the chilean, greek, italian states and to all other our comrades who struggle both outside and inside the prisons! You should know that your actions and struggle are important to us!

Long live Anarchy!
Destroy the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State!”


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