Two more suicides in Belarusian armed forces

According to the Ministry of Defense, on September 5th, the body of the conscript Alexander Orlov was found, who had six months left to serve.
On September 9th it was reported that in the woodland of Grodno region Sergei Yasyukevich was found, 1991 year of birth. He also committed suicide.

In both cases the Ministy of Defense hastened to assure that “suicide is not related to service in the army” and “is dictated by personal circumstances”. However Yasyukevich’s cousin has already told journalists that during service the brother repeatedly asked to transfer money to accounts of strangers.

The Belarusian army is a hierarchical and inhuman structure that does not serve the purpose of protecting the people and the country. Its only goal is indoctrination of the youth into the systems of conformist society. This occurs through accustomation of young and “raw” people to obedience, humility, adherence to meaningless formal and informal subordinations. This way a young and independent person is guided to become a “cog” for the System who is afterward ready for service in law enforcement agencies, obedience to the authorities at work, compliance with idiotic laws adopted by the state.

This process of indoctrination will inevitably continue to take more new lives.


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