Monday, 17. August – The regime continues to burst at the seams!

Foto: Russian artist 2012.

After the not so successful demonstration on Sunday Lukashenko seems quite desperate. He decided to make a tour and visit the workers of the striking factories. He thought to convince people  to change their minds. Instead workers could tell him directly in his face how they feel about him. Quite an embarrassing incident. 
The tour started MZKT. The workers from MTZ wanted to support their collegians  and marched towards the factory. Lukashenko didn´t stay so long. He tried to give a speech in front of the striking workers. And had to end it with “Thank you, i said everything i had to. Now you can shout “GO AWAY””. During his speech the crowd chanted several times for him to leave. 

Lukashenko giving a speech in front of MZKT worker.

On one of his next stopps one of the striking workers suggested Lukashenko to kill himself. Dictator replied that he won’t beat up the people but will deal with them harsh.

Several channel of the State TV were on strike. For the morning program you could see an empty couch with music. Near the different channels BT, ONT and STV thousands of people gathered to support honest workers. And on state TV they showed how the workers of the MZKT chouted loudly “LEAVE!” when they met Lukashenko.

The Kupala Theater in full force submitted applications in support of director Pavel Latushko (he was also fired). A huge crowd  of people supported him.

In many cities, people came to the center and voiced popular demands. The officials have one day to think about it.
A large number of people gathered in Grodno and organized a public shaming of the local administration. After that, the creation of a general strike committee of Grodno was announced. On Tuesday the workers of “Grodno Azot” will stop all workshops. And all this was shown on the state channel “Grodno+”.

Yesterday people also gathered near the Volodarka prison in in Minsk demanding the release of political prisoners and demand medical support for the prisoners. Later the crowd went further to pre-trail detention prison Okrestin.
Yesterday fotos were published of the gym of the Pervomaysky Police Station in Minsk, where the prisoners were held on August 12. People reported that if they did not lie as directed, they were repeatedly beaten.

And finally the EU-Parliament decided not to acknowledge Lukashenko  as president. Congratulation – just a week and several dead people later!

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