Anarchists at the demonstration on October 4 in Minsk

On October 4 anarchists in Minsk took active part in the March of protest. By the time of our arrival on Nemiga the riot cops were already ravaging on the streets. Soon the broken water cannon flew by panically…

The pigs did not get a direct response and detained several people. However, those who failed to break through from Nemiga to the main protesters’ forces formed their own column and went on a detour. Within a few minutes, a black flag, almost the highest among others, was flying over it.

One of the most optimistic moments of today is the connection of our cut-off column with a common stream of cheering and applause.

The anarchist banner “Power to the neighborhoods!” aroused lively interest among the procession participants. The more willing people took leaflets telling about self-organization and solidarity. The slogan “Our decision is self-governance!” and other statements close to anarchists were heard and picked up by many.

The culmination of the protest was interesting and slightly curious: the approach to the Okrestin detention facility. At the first moment, several hundred people approached the detention facility and separated from the main column. At some point, emotions reached their peak: a drum fight, the slogan “The walls will collapse!”, and now someone in the crowd is trying to bring down one of the cameras on the “institution”. People quickly demolish ribbon fences “no passage allowed” and find themselves under the very walls.

And yet after a few minutes, the crowd leaves. In about 20 minutes, having made a “walk of honor”, they approach the isolator from the other side. For a short time again. What prevented the main forces from paying attention to the prison – the main goal of today’s action – remains a mystery.

The number of those who came was encouraging. Once again, neither the beginning nor the end of the column was visible. And, it seems, today really was more than last time. And yet the need to develop the situation is more and more acute. This need is carried in the air, a step forward must be made.

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