Call for a week of solidarity with the Belarus uprising of August 8-15

More than a year has passed since the beginning of the largest protests against Lukashenko’s dictatorship in the history of Belarus. Against all odds and fears, hundreds of thousands of people have joined the collective struggle. From marches to solitary acts of sabotage, we all contributed to the collective uprising for liberation from tyranny.

A year later, many of us have been imprisoned, many more have left and are trying to adapt in new countries. But even in this situation, we continue to organize and resist against the regime. In Belarus, there are small protests on a regular basis. Self-organized groups in diasporas mobilize politically active migrants. Despite all the violence and repression, we still believe in each other and in our collective strength to break the chains of authoritarianism.

August 9 is the anniversary of the elections and the first major clashes between demonstrators and punitive authorities. This is why, around this week, we call on you to take action and not to forget the feelings that still live in each and every one of us. We call for actions in memory of all those who died fighting for freedom! We urge you not to forget every drop of blood spilled by the state to keep it in power!

When holding actions in Belarus, do not forget the culture of security, which will preserve your freedom and the freedom of your friends and acquaintances. Abroad you may join local diaspora actions, initiate something on your own or hold solitary actions at your own discretion.

And no matter where you are, our struggle goes on!
Belarus will be free!

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