Putin, with his imperialist ambitions, threatens to invade Ukraine. Lukashenko is ready to support his Kremlin master by sending Belarusian soldiers to war in another country. The attempts to pump patriotism into the Belarusian society, though passing, are very modest. Soldiers will have to die for the Russian tsar.

But, as before, every soldier has a choice. Even if that choice here and now seems improbable. At critical moments, we all show great determination. Russia’s war for influence in Ukraine is not a war of Belarusian soldiers. Dictator Lukashenko and Emperor Putin are the true enemies of the peoples of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.

They want to throw you as meat to the front lines, to show the power of a man who will never appear on this front. Courage and comradely spirit are unknown to him and his entourage.

Soldiers, in your hands is a weapon that can free you and your comrades from useless bloodshed and war. Revolt against the officers and the greedy politicians. If anyone should perish in all this conflict, it is the Belarussian dictatorship and the Russian empire!

For world without wars, dictators and empires!
Anarchists of Belarus

3 thoughts on “Soldier! The enemy is in Minsk, not Kiev!

  1. No one word about NATO and fascists in Ukraine.
    The enemy of soldier are in Minsk, Moskva, Kiyv and all states.
    Greets from Brazil

    1. NATO did not support Ukraine at this difficult time and is unlikely to do so in the future. In Eastern Europe, this bloc is not such a problem as Russia.

      Of course, there are Nazis in Ukraine, but their popularity and influence on society are overestimated. Far-right politicians gain no more than 5% in the elections. Tales of Nazi Ukraine are a major part of the Russian myth that justifies the start of the war.

  2. Well put comment by R.U. Don’t forget that all institutions serve each-other, and the national defender will not hesitate to turn on its own dissidents once the outside threat has died.

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